Shidafzan: Financial Management (Chapter 9: Debt Valuation And Interest Rates)

Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARNA) – Shares of Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. are starting to fall hard. A company whose shares sell for a relatively high price, say $200, might decide to split the shares 4 for 1 creating 4 shares valued at $50 for every 1 share in existence. They’re not necessarily bad or negative, […]

Stock Market Analysis: 12/15/09

As for the bankers involved in this deal, Lazard’s primary sin is laziness, accepting an assignment where they are reduced to plugging in discount rates into someone else’s cash flow forecasts and getting paid $2 million plus for that service. Perhaps, Lazard and Evercore need reminders that if the CF in a DCF is […]

The Mechanisms That Fueled TSLA’s Meteoric Q1’20 Rise

Try to figure out how you can cut your losses more effectively, let your winners ride more effectively, and even when you should just not trade. As usual, I will try to attend some of these meetings in order to get some updates on some of these companies. Record every transaction you make for […]

Stock Market Analysis: 02/17/11

Pure Storage, Inc. (PSTG) – Pure Storage (PSTG) is soaring in pre market after big earnings beat. That means it’s not a standalone storage volume, rather a sort of background file repository that speeds access times to the programs you use most frequently. Use their date of incorporation and when they went public. I […]

Share Investor: January 2021

In some sectors, such as financial services, you have no choice but to use equity, since defining debt is close to impossible. If you end up with unique boutique s that are in one or a couple of sectors, you may want to consider modifying or adding to your screens to get more diverse portfolios. Just […]

Stock Market Analysis: 08/22/09

They might have pullbacks on the way but they tend to breakout in direction of the momentum. Hence most professional momentum chasers look for a momentum unique boutique with sideways move or pullback/consolidation in last 10 to 20 days before breakout. If you have noticed much of the Wall Street big money houses have over last […]

Stock Market Analysis: 11/15/10

It is expensive to keep too much boutiques , especially at peak seasons as price could be double or triple. To ensure the stock is always fresh and enable your shop keep up to date with fashion, too much stock can be become obsolete and out of fashion. You want to ensure tools, materials and stationery […]

Origins Of The Stock Market

They are now selling for a lot less. “You’ve got too many planes,” Buffett explained in May, shortly after selling his entire airline portfolio. I really havent changed much since 2002 when I bought the bulk of my portfolio. From active volcanoes to the second-largest tropical forest in the world, there is so much […]

Benefits Of Stock Market Intraday Trading – Day Trading

And this has been the big drag on my portfolio performance. Andrew Carrillo, one of the top financial planners in Miami, advices all of his retiree clients to have at least 5% of their portfolio invested in gold. The scene’s repainted at least four times. Most recently he lead the roll up of Onward […]

What’s The Math Emporium?

All of the Outposts in Adventure mode and the Glorious Sea Dogs Tavern within the Arena have an boutiques salesperson. Now we have listed 30 items. Everyone loves to take a position time, effort and cash in residence decor items because not solely buying handicrafts on-line assist the patrons decide something helpful in addition to practical; […]